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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Timely Tips© Volume 3, Issue 6; June 2006: A "Simple Stupid" Project Folder Time Saver

READERS PLEASE NOTE: This is the text version of a Video Timely Tip that was released in June 2006. Click here to view the video.

Hi Everybody. I'm Randy Dean, the "Totally Obsessed" Time Management & PDA Guy.

Here's a little timely video tip, related to this April's e-mail Timely Tip on "Keeping Your Train of Thought on Its Track".

This useful tip I learned from David Allen, time management guru and author of the book Getting Things Done. I learned this tip about 15 years ago, and it is a very simple yet highly effective tip regarding project folders:

Whenever you create a new project folder, don't just put the name of the project on the folder tab - also take a big black marker and put it on the folder's spine.

This way, when you have several active folders on your desk, you can easily find the folder you need right when you need it. It may save only a few seconds every time, but, hey, over a lifetime, that might be enough time for a trip to Europe!

And don't forget about keeping that "Train of Thought on Track" - keep those sticky notes with your project reminders and Next Steps handy!

Until next time, Stay Timely!


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