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Monday, November 02, 2009

Timely Tips October 2009: Great Web Browser Keystroke Shortcuts

Web Browser Keystroke Combo Shortcuts

A few months ago I briefly mentioned using "CTRL+T" as a way to auto-launch a new tab in either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Well, I've taken that keystroke combo, and have found a couple more that work in synchrony with it, to allow you to really "cruise" the web.

I very often find myself jumping out to tabs to find a piece of information I need when I'm working in a specific web page (for example, finding the working links for THIS e-newsletter!) I'll use "CTRL+T" to open the new tab, and then, if I know the web site I want to visit and it is a "dot com" site (not "dot org" or "dot net"), then I can simply type the simple name of the site (like "Yahoo" or "Google" or "EmailSanityExpert") in the top browser line, and then hit "CTRL+Enter". Then, you don't need to type "http://www and .com" -- just type the word and "CTRL+Enter", and you'll go right to the page -- that saves a bit of typing and a few seconds EVERY TIME!

Thanks to Mike & Kelly Ulreich for sharing that little gem.

Now, when you are done getting that little piece of info from that newly-opened tab, then, hit "CTRL+W" and it will close the tab you are on, and put you back in the tab you were in previously.

With these three keystroke combos -- "CTRL+T", "CTRL+Enter", and "CTRL+W", you can really fly around your browser tabs. Give them a try and see how you fly! ;-)


Well, I just survived the craziest two weeks of travel that I've had since starting my business nearly 6 years ago, and I'm quite happy to be "in state" this week for a couple nearby programs at UM HRD and CMU HRD, as well as the Halloween Festivities that begin on Thursday night. (I love this time of year!) Watch for me in coming weeks in Northern California, Chicago (2 times!), Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and St. Louis, MO. (Drop me a note if I'll be near you.)

Until we talk again, Stay Timely!


Randy Dean


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