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Monday, February 04, 2008

Timely Tips December 2007: Planning to Call Just a Little Late

A No-Brainer Tip I Just Realized I Have Been Using for Years

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A Phone Tip: Planned "Slightly" Late Calls
TOMORROW'S Time, E-mail, and Office Clutter Course in Southfield
Some Early Reviews of Taming E-mail Now In
Free Podcast and Coming Bonus PDF
Dear Randall,

Are you ready for the holidays? I'm certainly not -- not with the 4-year old and 1-year old in the house, and the Taming E-mail book release activities taking place, not to mention an extremely busy October-to-December speaking and training schedule (thanks to all of you for that!) My neighbors are actually giving me grief for not getting my holiday lights up yet -- I'm usually a challenge to Clark Griswold -- but this year might be a bit more low key.

Make sure to read the full Timely Tips this month -- I've got a couple "holiday gifts" for all of you. How about the gift of a no-brainer time saver:

A New Phone Tip I Just Realized I've Used for Years -- Planned "Late" Calls

Do you ever have a habit that is so ingrained that you don't even realize you are doing it? I just made a realization that I have a nice little time-saving tip for planned phone calls that I've been using for years, and that has never made it into my Timely Tips up to this point. It is really a no-brainer, but it does work. Here's the tip:

If you have a planned phone call with a set time scheduled another party, rather than calling right on the designated time, plan to call 2-3 minutes late. You should be ready to make the call right on time (just in case the person you are planning to call decides to call you instead), but don't actually dial the number until 2-3 minutes after the scheduled time. I've found by following this tip, I actually greatly increase the likelihood that I'll make the desired and planned connection vs. catching their voice mail.

My experience is that when you call right on time, people are often trying to finish up that "last little thing" before taking the call -- the last phone call, little meeting, run to the bathroon, etc., and they aren't quite ready for the call. You'll often catch voice mail. Give them the 2-3 minute buffer, and many people have that "last little thing" cleared from their plate, and they even have a minute or so to prepare for your conversation. This helps the productivity of the call, as well as helping to avoid a little game of "phone tag."

Try not to call more than five minutes late, though, as you will likely be perceived as "being late". It is even possible the person you are calling may think you've forgotten about the call, and will leave their desk to start something else -- this obviously defeats the purpose. With planned phone calls, 2-3 minutes late is great, more than 5 minutes is late. Try this strategy, and let me know if you also see it works for you.

Still Room in Tomorrow's Time, E-mail, and Clutter Course in Southfield, Michigan

I'll be leading a powerful half-day public E-mail/Office Clutter Management Course TOMORROW, Friday, December 14, and I'll be adding in an extra 1.75 hour bonus course (no extra fee for paid participants!) following lunch of my popular "Finding an Extra Hour Every Day" course. There are still a few seats available, and we can take additions up to the last minute. To get more information on this course, use this link:


This would be a great way to finish the year on a high note, and get your systems in place to make 2008 your best and most productive year ever. And by the way, all paid participants in tomorrow's program will also get a free copy of my e-book on Taming the E-mail Beast as an additional bonus too. Register or call to reserve your seat today!

Some Great Early Reviews of Taming the E-mail Beast -- E-Book version
is NOW Ready! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As I mentioned last month, I've got a very nice and workable version of this 20-chapter e-book, all about how to get your e-mail account under control, keep it under control, get CC's and forwards under control, and enhance your ongoing e-mail sanity and productivity.

I've had a few thought leaders and authors review the publication, and so far, so good -- we've had some very nice comments on the value of the publication and the related training program. To see these comments, visit:

I'm keeping the pre-publication offer available to you for just a little longer, as we finish building the related book readers' web site, which will feature several video tutorials from the strategies shared in the book. (To note: by early next week, we'll be posting several free bonus offers from several thought leaders for purchasers of Taming the E-mail Beast -- of course, anyone who has already purchased the book or e-book will also get access to these valuable bonuses after the fact.) So, if you want to take advantage of the discounted pricing for the e-book, use the link below:

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A Couple Bonuses -- Free Podcast and (Coming Soon) 3-Year Compilation
Earlier this week, I was the special guest on the Podcast Productivity Network, with host Tony Goodson. This show, taped live from Australia, but broadcast by podcast around the world via the internet, is produced periodically to share information from productivity-enhancing thought-leaders the world over. In this program, Tony interviewed me not only about my new book, but also about several time management tips and strategies, as well as my history in the time management/personal productivity realm. Past guests have included David Allen of Getting Things Done fame, and several other technology/productivity thought-leaders/gurus. Check it out (can't beat the price: FREE!)


(To note, I just checked this link, and the site was not coming up properly -- if you don't connect right now, please try again later.)

Also, later this month, like I did last year, I will be compiling the first three full years + of Timely Tips into a handy PDF document, and will contact you with an option to download and share freely with anyone you so desire. This is my holiday gift to all of you -- the faithful and contributing readership of Timely Tips.
Until Next Time


So, thanks again for your continued support. Finish up that holiday shopping. Get those lights up. And look for my final e-mail of the year shortly with the 3-year compilation document. Until then, Stay Timely,

Randy Dean


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