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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Timely Tips© Volume 4, Issue 4; April 2007: A Great Web Browsing Tip

Dear Timely Tips Reader,

Happy April! A quick reminder to all Timely Tips subscribers: always keep your eyes open for new processes and techniques on ways to save time. I happened across this month's tip by doing just that -- I actually witnessed my intern Bridget using this technique, and as soon as I saw her do this, I knew it could be a valuable time saver for anyone that regularly browses the web.

This Month's Tip: Consider "Right-Clicking" Links in Your Web Browser

As I said, my intern Bridget and I were doing some comparison shopping for a new printer for the office, and she was pulling up several browser pages of comparative data on several printers. I noticed that instead of just doing the standard "left click" on the links to the web pages with the printer information, she was instead right clicking on the links, which gave her a whole set of options on what she wanted to do with that link. Those options included "Open Link" (the same as "left clicking"), "Open Link in New Window" (extremely useful -- more on that soon), "Save Target As" (helpful when downloading executables like small audio or video files, or new software programs), and "Copy Shortcut" (great if you want to copy a web page URL into an e-mail or document).

I've used the "Copy Shortcut" option a ton in the past, but for whatever reason I didn't make the connection on the value of the "Open Link in New Window" option. When you are doing any kind of comparative research (like researching different flight options on different airlines, or possibly buying a new office printer!), you can very quickly open up two or three browser windows and quickly tab back and forth to compare the different options. If you've got one of the new large TFT screens, you can easily go three windows wide, and most definitely save time in cross comparisons.

I tried the "right clicking" option in both Internet Explorer and Netscape -- the options in each browser when right clicking were somewhat different, but the most useful options seemed to cross over both browsers. I would bet similar options are available if you are using other browser tools for your Internet surfing. And I'm sure this same useful option can be used in other clever ways -- I strongly recommend you try it next time you do some Internet-based research!

Where in the World is Randy?

I am writing this from the lobby of beautiful Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado. I'm here to present at the Annual National Association of Legal Career Professionals conference, doing an updated 60-minute version of my popular "Finding an Extra Hour Every Day" program. Keystone is quite beautiful this time of year, but make sure to check the weather! When I drove over the pass through the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70, I actually ran into a white out blizzard -- I certainly wasn't expecting that as it was sunny and 70 degrees in Denver. Still, some amazing hiking trails and a chance to see some gorgeous scenery.

Coming up -- Boston, Northern Michigan, Miami, Pittsburgh, Tucson, Harrisburg, Maryland, and Michigan's beautiful little town of Frankenmuth. Let me know if you will be in any of these places in coming weeks -- maybe we can find a time to get together!

Until Next Time ...

Obviously, a quite busy May and June coming up. I hope that all of you can take advantage of these Timely Tips so you can get out of the office a bit early and enjoy this beautiful time of the year. I know I'll be doing the same. Stay Timely!


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