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Monday, February 04, 2008

Timely Tips January 2008: How About Eleven Timely Tips this Month?

New "Roughcut" Video Tips on My YouTube Channel

in this issue
Eleven "Video" Timely Tips on Randy's YouTube Channel
Randy Featured in Two Big Internet Promotions
New Taming E-mail Teleseminar Scheduled: February 6th, 2008
Dear Randall,

Welcome back to the crazy fun that January presents every year! We usually stumble out of the holidays, perhaps a "smidgen" heavier but with a holiday smile, and then walk into a huge mass of new work to do. We get to usually keep that "holiday glow" for all of about ten minutes that first day back, before realizing just how busy we are again.

This month, I want to share with you the fruits of my labor over the holidays -- hopefully these little ideas will help you to find some of the time you need to keep up in the year anew. Enjoy!

Eleven Tips this Month? Sure, Eleven VIDEO Tips!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As I was writing my new book, Taming the E-mail Beast: 45 Key Strategies for Better Managing Your E-mail Overload (and Regaining Your E-mail Sanity!) - http://www.randalldean.com/offers.html - I quickly realized in several places in my new book that describing how to do something in a software program using written text is not the easiest thing to do. And, I had been playing around with podcasts and posted videos on YouTube and other sites for a while. I realized that I could greatly support the readers of my new book if I used the power of video and the Internet to help make many of the suggestions in my new book more clear.

So, over the holidays, I self-produced a series of 11 little video snippets on how to do many of the key strategies and suggestions recommended in my new book, and posted them on my YouTube Channel:


A Little Disclaimer: Now, self-admittedly, these little videos are what I would call "roughcuts". I made them to show a professional video artist exactly what I am looking to create. They get across the point (and provide some nice content), but they are a bit amateurish (I'll be the first to admit I'm not a video production and editing expert!) My plan is to circle back around at the time of the release of the paperback and redo these same tips in a more professional format. So, take a look, but also keep my disclaimer in mind. And feel free to share your comments!

Randy a Featured Bonus Provider on Two Big Internet Marketing Efforts

Just this week, you might be seeing my name in conjunction with two big Internet/e-mail marketing "push" campaigns -- possibly even today! I provided free access to my Timely Tips 3-year compilation document and my Three-Chapter Taming E-mail Sneak Preview as bonuses to both of these efforts. The first effort is to support the launch of a new book by John Rowley, New York real estate magnate and fitness entrepreneur, called:

***Climb YOUR Ladder of Success Without Running Out of Gas!***

The Simple Truth on How to Revitalize Your Body
and Ignite Your Energy for Lifelong Success

John's new book is a story of how he went from being a janitor in Brooklyn to being one of the youngest SR. VP's in Manhattan real estate. But he didn't stop there; he also owned the gym that received international attention when the movie Pumping Iron starring none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno was filmed in it. He has written a new book detailing how to keep your body and mind in top condition to give you the energy to go after your goals and dreams.

John has arranged for several thought leaders, including yours truly, to provide valuable free bonuses as part of his book launch today. So, if you are interested more in John's story, learn more at www.climbyourladderofsuccess.com/book.html

The second marketing effort is in support of a newly launched web site and related teleseminar, called The Positive Website. Joshua Stein, founder of this site, has launched a site that provides, as one of its benefits, a daily inspirational quote service. He's also planning a teleseminar later this week (Thursday, January 17th to be exact), where he details his interesting "from trouble to success" story. If you are looking for additional motivation to get your 2008 off on the right path, you can find out more about both of these new efforts by clicking the appropriate links above.

Speaking of Teleseminars, I've Scheduled a New Taming E-mail Program:
Wednesday, February 6th, at 2:00 p.m.

I've been tracking names, and we've added about 500 new Timely Tips subscribers in the last three months, so I thought it was time to offer another Taming E-mail Teleseminar. On Wednesday, February 6th, at 2:00 p.m. EST, join me and my special guest interviewer Vicki Suiter of Suiter Financial (http://www.suiterfinancial.com) for a new Taming E-mail 50-minute teleseminar.

Here's the news page on this program:


You can also register for this program today by simply visiting:


This is a great way to hear many of my best e-mail sanity strategies live, using the power of teleconferencing. And, if you have free long-distance minutes, the call is effectively free. I look forward to you joining me on the call.

PS: Also, if you are a business owner, financial manager, or work in the construction industry, keep Wednesday, February 20th at 2:00 p.m. EST open also. On that date, I'll be interviewing Vicki Suiter regarding her popular courses and programs on financial management. We'll be posting more information on this new program in next month's Timely Tips.
Until Next Time


So, since I've provided eleven video Timely Tips this month, don't look for another issue until December 2008. (Just kidding!) You know I'll be back next month with yet another installment. Look for it then, and until then, Stay Timely!

Randy Dean


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