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Friday, August 29, 2008

Timely Tips July 2008: Saving Your Summer Fun (and Electronics!)

This Little Common Sense "Summer" Tip Might Save You Plenty of Time, Aggravation, and Money

OK, this tip comes from personal and practical experience, and it is so simple, you just have to start doing this -- start carrying a couple new Ziploc plastic baggies in your primary luggage, as well as your beach, picnic, or camping bags.

Here's my personal story -- I've lost two cell phones now, including a Blackberry device, due to not having these simple little plastic baggies with me. Cell phones and PDAs apparently don't like being fully submerged, or even getting wet, and they also don't like sand very much. (Who would've figured??) After going to the beach this weekend, I realized it would have been very smart to have a couple Ziplocs with me, to store my phone/PDA, wallet, and watch, as well as my new GPS unit. Soon as you get there, put your electronics and valuables in the bags, make sure the seal is sound, and then go have your fun! Then, you can worry less about rogue waves, splashing kids, that pesky and invasive sand, and even unexpected spills of your Diet Coke, milk, or juice (perhaps all parents of small children should just keep Ziplocs with them everywhere they go!)

By the way, if you use lots of plastic baggies, like we do, you might want to look into a most helpful and cost-saving device -- the Bag-E-Wash (
http://www.bag-e-wash.com/). We've been using a couple of these for a couple years now, and we only buy new Ziplocs a couple times a year, reusing the vast majority of these instead -- save money, save the planet -- a pretty good deal!

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I wanted to remind you of the 90-minute, 2 CD audio set (+1 CD-ROM with e-book) put together with Tony Rubleski and myself a couple months ago. We've sold several copies now, and it is getting great reviews -- very useful, nicely packaged. And they are available on my site right now -- http://www.randalldean.com/offers.html -- and don't forget the extra bonuses available to all Taming E-mail purchasers.

In this 90-minute session (plus Q&A at the end), we covered most of the better strategies from my new e-book on Taming the E-mail Beast (learn more on the e-book at http://www.emailsanityexpert.com). The recording has been packaged on a 2-CD set, and includes a set of coordinated handouts with this recording. I am also offering several valuable bonuses for all program purchasers, including a copy of my 20-chapter Taming the E-mail Beast: 45 Key Strategies for Managing Your E-mail Overload (and Regaining Your E-mail Sanity) e-book, as well as access to a slew of additional free bonuses, including a set of coordinated Taming E-mail video tutorials, several free e-books and special reports (including a free e-book copy of Tony's first Mind Capture book), access to an online program audio replay (as well as several other podcasts), and more, all for a very affordable purchase price of $39. (We're using this as a rollout price, and expect to raise prices on this package soon.)

So, if you've been waiting for a great time to tame that e-mail beast, that time is now. Here is the link to make your order: http://www.randalldean.com/offers.html.

Also note that you can order just the e-book, with access to many of the same special bonuses, on this same page.

SPECIAL NOTE: Keep an eye out for a big announcement coming soon regarding the Taming the E-mail Beast paperback. More info soon ...

Until Next Time ...
Enjoy these "dog days" of summer! And get out to the beach, picnic, etc., with your new copy of MindCapture, and worry not about your valuables and electronics since they will be bagged in your re-used plastic bags!

Until next time,

Stay Timely!


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