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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Timely Tips November 2008: From Google: A Phone Directory Time and Money Saver Just in Time for the Holidays

Save this Number in Your Phone and Contacts List!

Thanks to Diane Mayers of the Michigan State University library system for sharing this little gem - have you ever needed to quickly find a telephone number or business contact info via your telephone or the Internet? If so, rather than paying those expensive "411" fees by your cellular or landline provider, instead save this number - 1-800-466-4411 - in your contacts list on your phone/computer, under the name Business Telephone Directory by Google. When you dial this number, you will get connected to a free Google service that will either dial the number for you for free, list the full contact details information, or text message that information to your phone (you can even search for a kind of business -- restaurants, banks, stores, etc.) It is awesome!!

And, if you have the Internet available, you can go to this Google site - http://www.google.com/goog411/ - to learn more about this valuable and free service, including watching a cute little video from the guys at Google. (Once again, Google rocks!) I thought, going into this busy holiday week, that all of you might need to quickly access the number of that favorite out-of-town pizza place once you get sick of the turkey and ham leftovers, so enjoy!! Thanks again Diane!

Until Next Time ...

Thanks for giving me your time with all of this powerful info right before the holiday. Don't forget to add that awesome Google Business Search number to your cell phone and contacts list!

And don't eat too much turkey or watch too much football (especially you Lions fans - that is NOT a very good use of time!)

Until next time, Stay Timely ...


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